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We were the exclusive sanitation manufacturer and service company for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia; Woodstock ‘99 in Rome, New York; Air Shows; the 2003 Phish Concert in Lewiston, Maine; the 2004 Phish Concert in Newport, Vermont; 15 years as the Sanitation Contractor for the New Orleans Mardi Gras; most natural disasters from 1973 to the present; plus over one hundred thousand smaller events over the last 45 years. 


We also offer our Patented Comfort Stations for those times:


"When a Portable Toilet is Not an Option"

    Portable Toilets We Manufacture


We manufacture  the larger heavy duty Sani Jon®  Model SJHD 450, the standard Green John® Model GJ 350, and the only patented folding portable toilet - our Model FPT 300.

Flushing Comfort Station
 Single Stall Comfort Stations
Patents Issued and Pending

We manufacture a complete line of single stall comfort stations that feature ceramic fixtures, fresh water hand wash, fresh water flush, no waste in the stall, no chemicals, no steps and no unpleasant odors or an unsightly waste storage tank. No Pathogen exposure.  No waste stored in stall.

Water Source  can be a garden hose - hard plumbed - water pressure pump

Waste Removal can be a holding tank - septic system - sewer system

Flushing Comfort Station
Handicap Flushing Toilets
Handicapped Lavatories   (Single and Multiple Stall)

We manufacture both ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible Comfort Stations.  Our single  and multiple stall lavatory buildings  all can have an  ADA Compliant stall.

Patents Issued and Pending

Shower/Toilet Combinations
    Shower & Toilet Combination


We manufacture a line of showers and shower toilet combination portable shelters. Several of our shower models are large enough to have change room included.  Hygiene, comfort and efficiency are the primary advantages of our shower/toilet and changeroom products.

Trailer mounted portable toilets and flushing comfort stations
    Trailer Mounted Portable Toilets and Comfort Stations

We manufacture trailer mounted comfort stations and portable toilets. The self contained trailer mounted comfort stations are just what the doctor ordered in a time of contagion infestation concerns. 

            Comfort - Safety - Hygienic - Clean - Convenient