Sani Jon® Portable Toilets

Dimensions: 44" x 44" x 89"  -
SJHD 450 Drawing
SJHD 450 Inventory
SJHD 450 External Sink
Hand wash Systems
Model SJSDCS 520 Comfort Stations
Built on a Sani Jon®  Chassis
Sani Jon® Chassis
Heavy Duty Comfort Station
Dimensions: 44" x 44" x  89"
1.11m x 1.11m x 2.26m
Exterior Front
Men's Lavatory

Ceramic Sink and Toilet

Coin Vinyl Floor,

Mirror, Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser,

9" Toilet Tissue Dispenser,

Paper Towel Dispenser,

Waste Basket,

Clothes  Hooks

 Treated Wood Base and Runners

 Inside Door Privacy Lock

 Door Usage Indicator

 Double Aluminum Corners

1/2" FRP  Pebbled Fluted Walls Inside

 Stainless Steel Hinges 

Aluminum Door Jamb

 Translucent Roof

Women's Lavatory
Exterior Rear